Freedom Flyers 2nd Annual Freedom Fly

July 13th - 15th, 2018


2nd Annual End Of Summer Fun Fly

​September 21st - 23rd 2018


Control Line Event Coming in 2018!

At the new Freedom Field State Hwy 301, Cedar Grove Rd. Bethlehem, New York 12161

"It's all about the friendships!"

GPS Address

145 Cedar Grove Rd, Selkirk, NY

Freedom Flyers 2nd annual Freedom Fly & End Of Summer Fun fly information

All types and sizes of  r/c aircraft , helicopters, rotorcraft allowed to fly!

Float Plane Area Has Been EXPANDED!

 On-Site Electricity for Battery Charging Night Time Flying Night flying, Camping and a nice relaxing event! This Heli Pilot's Guide is intended to help pilots enjoy a great weekend of flying with us at the New Freedom Field. Please take a moment to review the following information:

1. This is a NON AMA sanctioned event, with the emphasis on fun!

2. Anything that is AMA legal is welcome.

3. We welcome any size and any propulsion - gas, glow, electric and turbine. All turbine pilots must possess current turbine certifications.

4. Pilots are welcome to bring their trailers and tents. However, trailers (non-camping) must be parked in the pilot parking area after unloading your planes and equipment. Tents must be no deeper than 10 feet. Any length up to 20 feet is allowed. (Please contact the event CD before the event if you need a larger space) 5. Please remember to double check your models for all safety items.

6. All pilots must be members of the AMA or the MAAC.

7. All aircraft must meet all AMA safety guidelines and be flown in accordance with all AMA safety rules and the current AMA safety code .

8. All pilots with aircraft must sign-in at the registration table upon entering the event site before flying and/or turning on their transmitters.

Map Information can be found here: 

For More Information Contact: Rocco Conte 518-848-9028